Beds, Cuddle Cups, and Cozies

Guinea pigs, unlike many other small animals, do not create nests to sleep in, and are quite happy to sleep out in the open. Having said that, they do require an area which is quiet, warm, and sheltered from drafts, so that they can get some undisturbed rest.

A guinea pig bed, sometimes known as a 'cozy' or 'cuddle cup' will meet all of these needs. They consist of a round base big enough for one or two cavies to snuggle up in, with sides about the same height as your pets to give keep them enclosed and protected from the elements. These sides are lined with a soft fleece-like material to provide extra warmth.

A guinea pig cozy

A guinea pig cozy will keep your pets warm and shelter them from the elements. Image by Sari.

Naturally, over time your pets' bed will get dirty through use, but they are machine washable and can be returned to pristine condition quickly and easily. Be sure to check the washing instructions with your guinea pigs' bed as their materials can become damaged and the colours can run if you wash them on too hot a temperature.

As well as the beds available in pet stores, there are many guinea pig lovers who make and sell their own. Not only are these usually cheaper, but you can also make special requests to get your bed just the way you want it - from choosing materials, to adjusting the size. If you're feeling adventurous you could even try making one yourself!

Cavies don't require any special bedding material to use in their beds. Just make sure you provide plenty of clean, fresh hay for them to use if they want some extra warmth or padding.

Because guinea pigs are naturally nocturnal, they often like to sleep during the day. To enable them to do this, try to put their bed in an area which is somewhat sheltered from bright light. In an indoor cage, you can do this by hanging a towel in one corner; in an outdoor hutch, the solid door at one end should provide sufficient shelter.