About Me

Hi, my name is Pete and I'd like to welcome you to Guinea Pig Corner!

My love of guinea pigs began when I was 8 years old and my friend got a pair of gorgeous pigs that he looked after with his older sister. I would go and visit whenever I could, and probably spent more time playing with my friend's cavies than I did playing with him!

After much pestering my parents decided to let me get some guinea pigs of my own. They took me to the local pet shop and before long we were making our way home with two pigs, a car full of accessories, and my dad's wallet considerably lighter!

Looking after my first guinea pigs taught me a huge amount about caring for another life, and really helped to develop a sense of responsibility for my pets.

I have kept cavies on and off ever since. I think they're the perfect pets - loving, relatively easy to care for, and great fun to have around.

Why I Set Up This Site

Over the years I've learned a huge amount about guinea pigs - such as how to care for them, what to feed them, and how to make sure they're fit and healthy.

I decided to build this website to share what I've learned with other guinea pig lovers, so that they can get as much enjoyment out of these wonderful animals as I have.